Q. Is there a joining fee for Cowprint Artists Group?

A. Yes. Currently £55 a year. This is to help cover our running costs flyers, hall hire, artists fees for talks/demos.

Q. Are there any other charges? 

A. If there is a whole group demo or artists talk, there isn’t usually a charge, but for extra optional events there may be a cost to cover exhibition costs, smaller workshops .

Q. Who’s in charge? 

A. It’s a team effort. We currently have a committee of 5 – chairpersons, treasurer, secretary, and social media – voted in annually. However, many more members are actively engaged in the running and organisation. We have regular updates, and the committee is there to serve the interests of the whole group. Interested in joining the committee? Great, we welcome everyone to get involved.

Q. Who can join Cowprint Artists’ Group?

A. Anyone who enjoys printmaking and can get to events in Southampton occasionally.

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