My printmaking journey began with some introductory courses at Red Hot Press, followed by the foundation in Printmaking at Red Hot Press in 2019-20 and their Diploma course during 2020-21. I found that I particularly enjoyed relief printing for its crispness and the way that the process of selecting what to cut transforms the image into a coherent design. I also enjoyed exploring drypoint, with its potential for varied texture and mark-making. My subject matter is mostly drawn from the natural world and I usually work from sketches and drawings that I have made from life. I now mainly work in lino cut, as I love the combination of methodical planning and patient cutting followed by the element of surprise in the final result – a wonderful combination of order and unpredictability! I have shown work at God’s House Tower, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, and St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery. Printing methods lino cut, dry point.

Instagram @celiaprint