A life on the ocean waves for her

I am an artist printmaker based in Hamble, a Hampshire village with a rich maritime history. It is this location, a love of the natural world, landscapes and seascapes, and my adventures sailing, cycling and long-distance walking that provide inspiration for my prints and sketches.

I predominantly use wood as a matrix, with its natural tactile qualities, to express my mark-making, whether it be engraving end-grain wood blocks or using the natural grain of the wood in Western-style woodcuts or Japanese woodblock prints (Mokuhanga). Of particular interest is the use of mark-making to bring light and movement into the print, using bold contrasts to create strong compositions. The movement of the sea, its waves and layers of reflected light and colours, is a subject that continues to captivate me.

My work is held in collections in the UK, France, Holland, Germany, Australia, and the USA.

Website: https://kayabrown.co.uk/

Etsy: www.kaybrownart.etsy.com

Instagram: @kaybrownart @handprintedbythesea