Tori McLean is an internationally award-winning printmaker who deeply appreciates the history and evolution of the medium. She is passionate about experimenting with lively colours, compositions, and manipulating imagery using intricate processes associated with traditional printmaking techniques on paper and cloth, as well as current advances in contemporary and digital printmaking.

Tori is fascinated by the endless possibilities created by layering different processes, whether it be etching into a copper plate, carving into a block of wood, pulling ink through a screen, or using digital tools. Through the fusion of old and new printmaking techniques, she pushes the boundaries of the medium to create unique, innovative, and striking pieces that aim to evoke a visceral response in the viewer.

She is a selected member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and Artful Collective, and a member of three printmaking studios. Her work is held in the public collection of the Hampshire Cultural Trust and in private collections in the USA, Australia, Europe and the UK.

Instagram @torimcleanprint and @torimclean_ai