Jenny Goodhand

Jenny is an artist and printmaker who has lived and travelled widely abroad, using her experiences in her work. She enjoys experimenting with different printmaking techniques, mostly learnt at Red Hot Press but etching best expresses what she feels about her subjects. Her affinity with the sea, after cruising on her boat for many years [...]

Mandy Smith

Mandy Smith is a fine art graduate from Solent University currently focusing on merging her printmaking skills with her love of scultpure. Exploring ways to move the print from the page into a 3D form using ceramic, plaster, wood, glass and fabric material. She employs printmaking techniques such as lino, etching, screen, mono and card [...]

Margot Eardley

Professional artist Margot was a visual merchandiser for thirty years. She has turned her creative eye to printmaking in recent years, and works from her home studio. Inspired by the colour and patterns she finds in the natural world, Margot finds printmaking a wonderfully exciting process. Especially as the work only reveals itself when the [...]

Zoe Hemsley

Having been a keen photographer and previous president of Winchester Photographic Society, I started printmaking nearly 10 years ago after being gifted a linocut beginners kit. Various short courses at Badger Press, Red Hot Press and Handprinted then followed, and I have explored linocuts, collagraph, card cuts, drypoint and tetrapak intaglio printmaking. During the start [...]

Irene Smith

Irene Smith's work evolves spontaneously and her inspiration comes from the world around her. She loves absorbing her surroundings and sketching to later develop into images. A lot of these images are conscious and subconscious processes where both the real and imagined are combined. During the etching process, the original idea adapts to the working [...]

Tori Mclean

Tori McLean Tori McLean is an internationally award-winning printmaker who deeply appreciates the history and evolution of the medium. She is passionate about experimenting with lively colours, compositions, and manipulating imagery using intricate processes associated with traditional printmaking techniques on paper and cloth, as well as current advances in contemporary and digital printmaking. Tori is [...]

Amanda Burnie

Amanda Burnie After abandoning an offer for Art College 35 years ago to go to work she is now an artist and fine art printmaker. An introductory lino printmaking course in 2018 sealed the deal and her journey in creativity resumed. She works from her home studio but more often her kitchen. Inspired by the [...]

Sharron Bruty

Sharron BrutySharron Bruty Sharron Bruty is a printmaker whose background in painting informs her works in etching, monoprint, and collagraph. Recognisable for her figurative art characterized by bold, gestural mark-making that effectively captures the essence of her subjects. Bruty's use of collage is often evident in her work, employing the technique to add texture, humor, [...]

Ashley Ailes

Ashley AilesOut of the Ashes I was a barrister in Southampton for over 40 years, until retiring in 2020.  I have always sketched faces, birds, animals, flowers, and townscapes in pen and wash, and produced acrylic stencil and monochrome lino prints. I joined Red Hot Press in about 2016, completing their Foundation and Diploma courses, [...]